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The Hunt

CAZATUR has the esteemed privilege, to hunt exclusively in some of the highest trophy quality, privately owned areas in Spain, as well as having access to all of the State hunting reserves. You will be driven daily for your hunt before sunrise for approximately 30 minutes to the surrounding areas of our Ranch, or from the designated accommodation. Occasionally, you will come back to our Ranch to enjoy a hearty lunch and return in the evening for another memorable outing.

We use 4X4 vehicles inside the areas to arrive to the game then we will hunt on foot, or from high seats if necessary. The terrain in these areas is primarily rolling hills with strong cover and open meadows. When hunting in the high mountain ranges out of the State hunting reserves, you will stay in the local hotels or Paradores when available.

If so, you will be taken by your guide and game keeper, for your day of hunting. We also use horses in certain areas, to take you into some of the remote hunting grounds. All the trophies taken by you, will be properly skinned in the field and delivered to a local qualified taxidermist within 24 hours. They will complete the professional skinning, salting, crating and handling of your trophies, as well as the mounting of it, if you so wish, as their diligence for CAZATUR, will save you time in bringing those memories back to your trophy room.

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