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Thank you for everything. From the Roe Buck hunting in Burgos during the month of April, to the Red Deer in Culebra and the Fallow Deer in Cazorla, to the 5 days of excellent Red Legged Partridges shooting at Ventosila Castle in the early Fall, and finishing with 2 excellent Beceite Ibex trophies taken on the same day. And now of to Turkey tomorrow for Bezoar Ibex and Wild Boars. So, this year we have been 3 different times hunting and enjoying Spain with you, this is our 20th hunt with you and will not be the last, for sure. See you in April!


Fabulous fellowship, great friendship, amazing food, great hunting and more bring us back to you many times. Thanks for never giving up and always choosing great food for us to try. Till next year!


It has been an extraordinary 10 days, hunting and touring in three different mountain ranges (Toledo, Gredos & Pyrenees). Thank you for an awesome trip, great hunt and for your exemplary of professional service. You are an asset to the tourist hunting world. World Class!

Much more than just a hunting trip; An experience of a Life time!!!!

When you book a hunt with Cazatur, we will surprise you with many small details we believe, will make your hunting trip become an experience of a life time. The private hunting areas in which we have the privilege to take you hunting, the estates in which we conduct the driven partridge shoots and  the use of federal hunting areas, presents you with the opportunity to collect top quality trophies.

Sharing with you our knowledge of the history, the culture, the food and wines of Spain, combined with the variety of the terrain while you travel throughout our country, is something we emphasize in, so at the end of your trip you have enjoyed a full experience. Please, bring with you your non hunting companion to enjoy prearranged activities we call “Huntour”, with which we will fill in her time shopping and sightseeing, in the vicinity of your hunting grounds, if she is not accompanying you in the field.

Cazatur, the “pioneers of hunting and touring Spain” has more than 35 years experience and we want to share all this knowledge, to offer you; «much more than just a hunting trip, an experience of a life time».

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