Dear Hunting friends:

CAZATUR has been pioneers of the hunting business in Spain, outfitting since 1977. Throughout this time, we have improved the quality of the areas we take you hunting, as well as taken care of the excellence in the service we provide you with. I want to thank those who have been with us, this year, as you will read in the “testimonials”, on how have they recognized my organization for the way he have done or work; serve you. This is happening because I have strived from the first day for “perfection,” the only way you can get close to serve you the way you deserve and the way I want it to be done. This has been one of the best conducted hunting seasons I in many years, from the quality of the trophies taken as well, so please allow me a moment to recognize my team in Spain, Europe and throughout the hunting World . All this has happened only because of you and for you, thank you for recognizing a well done job!

Many years have come by since I purchased CAZATUR in 1988 and I am looking forward to many more years to be a Spanish ambassador to all those, who choose CAZATUR for their Spanish hunting experience. I am a very proud Spanish citizen and enjoy sharing with you our history, the most intrigue in Europe, our cuisine, the richest in Europe, our mountains the most in abundance in Europe, our roads, the best is Europe, and our hunting traditions, as old and rich as in any other country in Europe, all of it being under a blue sky in a sunny day, sharing with you at the end of a full hunting day, the wines we produce in Spain, in beautiful accommodations which we have available today, not when I started this adventure.

Our ROYAL HUNT program, has again had very good results with all of the programs we outfit in Europe; from Buffalo in Belarus, to Alpine Ibex in Switzerland, or big Red Deer in Hungary, Bulgaria, or Austria, or our Brown Bear programs in Romania, not forgetting the rest of game we offer in our Royal Hunt programs!

The BIRD SHOOTING part of the company for driven Red Legged Partridges at the Ventosilla Castle near Toledo in Spain, is working perfectly, and our combined program with Pheasants in Hungary with my partners Jagd-Stiedl from Austria, is the best in the market. I need to inform you, if you are thinking of participating with us in this elite shooting experience, not to take too long to make up your mind, as the demand is increasing and I we are having difficulties in maintaining open dates for you.

All and all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce my company to you. As you might know, I was recognized as the International Professional Hunter of the Year in 2010 by SCI, and in 2012 as the Outfitter of the Year by the Wild Sheep Foundation, both recognitions make me proud of what I have been doing since 1980; serve the most demanding hunter in the World for his dreams in Spain, Europe and around the World!
Please let me make you become a member of the Cazatur family, by showing you the excellence of service with the best quality trophies available in Spain and in Europe, and as I am being told again and again exceed your expectations with a Royal treat to your hunting adventure in Spain and Europe with us!!!

Looking forward to having you with us soon,

Eduardo F. de Araoz

Eduardo F. de Araoz