The name, CAZATUR

CAZATUR is a Spanish short name that in English means hunting and touring. Established in 1977, CAZATUR is Spain’s premier outfitting company, which has offered the highest quality of service for over three decades to American and European sportsman interested in an exciting hunting experience.

Eduardo F. de Araoz

Your outfitter

Eduardo f de araoz

He was born and raised in Madrid in 1959, married to Paloma since 1991, shares the joy of their two children Veronica and Eduardo IV. He began guiding hunters for CAZATUR in 1980, acquiring sole ownership of the company in 1988. His commitment to the world of hunting, inspired him to establish a Spanish Chapter of Safari Club International, of which he was President from 1988 until 2011. He was a founding member of a Madrid based hunting consultancy, for arranging hunts over the World, (MundiCaza), bought out his partners acquiring all the shares in the company in 1995 and presently, operates it under the company name; CAZATUR.
He was elected treasurer of the Spanish Professional Hunters association in 1990. He has been a Full Professional member of the International Professional Hunters Association since 1981, accepted a position as one of the chairs of the executive committee in 1993, being re-elected in January of 2001, for his fourth term and being elected President in 2005, position he stills holds. He was instrumental in publishing the Camp Fires book. (Safari Press 1999). His office in Madrid is centrally located and open all year round, equipped with the latest telecommunications. Has been awarded with 2012 WSF Outfitter of the Year and 2010 Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year.

Pablo Jiménez

Born in Porzuna (Ciudad Real) in 1964, Married since 1993, has a 14 year old daughter. Has a degree in computers science, and has been working for CAZATUR since 1982. He is the responsible for the financial and administrative department of CAZATUR.

Eusebio Gutiérrez-Manchón


Born in Madrid in 1981, graduated from High School in 1998 in Vermont, where he spent the whole year. He got the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in 2002, as well as the instructor License for single engine airplanes in 2003. Loves hunting more than anything, he is very concern about wildlife and conservation, the way he was taught from his father. He is working as a PH guiding hunters for CAZATUR since 2005 and also has experience guiding internationally. Started working at CAZATUR´s office in 2006, he is in charge of the international hunters and makes all the arrangements.


I am really thankful with the 3 great Ibex trophies that I have collected. It was an excellent hunt and especially with such a short period of time that I had to do it. Enjoyed the mountains, food and company very much.

Thank you for everything. From the Roe Buck hunting in Burgos during the month of April, to the Red Deer in Culebra and the Fallow Deer in Cazorla, to the 5 days of excellent Red Legged Partridges shooting at Ventosila Castle in the early Fall, and finishing with 2 excellent Beceite Ibex trophies taken on the same day. And now of to Turkey tomorrow for Bezoar Ibex and Wild Boars.  So, this year we have been 3 different times hunting and enjoying Spain with you, this is our 20th hunt with you and will not be the last, for sure. See you in April!

It was truly an excellent trip. Cannot say enough about hunting such a nice trophy, on both Alpine Ibex & Chamois, but also it was an intense and fun hunt. Our time together and sightseeing made it all perfect. Looking forward to seeing you in Spain for our next hunt next spring.

I am really pleased and thankful of the whole experience. It was a fun and challenging 2 days of shooting Red Legged Patridges, the food, hospitality and company were second to none. We are certainly coming back next year.

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