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Spanish Monteria

The oldest and most traditional hunting method in Spain, where you can bag two or three different animals in one day. It is a driven hunt where normally at least 200 hounds beat the thickest chasing out the animals.


The variety of hunting has a long standing tradition in Spain practiced since the 13th century. This method of hunting is usually done in pursuit of the Spanish Red Deer although Wild Boar, Fallow Deer, Mouflon Sheep and sometimes the Wolf is hunted in the same way.


In the Monteria the terrain is surrounded by the shooters in strategic spots, taking safety into consideration first, but allowing a reasonable shooting range. These positions are drawn by the whole group of shooters that same morning after the gathering at breakfast time. The bag for the day is explained then and it normally allows 2 or more Red Deer and unlimited wild boar, Mouflon can be allowed to shoot sometimes, even Iberian wolf.

You are shooting at running game, as they are being chased by very aggressive hounds.


The number of packs of hounds, as well as the place from which they are released varies in accordance with each Monteria. There are usually ten to twenty Spanish breeds (Podenco, Mastif and cross breeds between them. The hounds owner is in charge of the proper work of the hounds and his job is of great importance in the success of the Monteria.


When hunting Wild Boar, if the hounds catch a big tusker, the closest Hound owner or hunter must finish the Boar with a Knife, never with the rifle.


The reason is because he can shoot a hound and also the hounds may get scared of the noise, and may release the Boar in future occasions.


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