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Testimonials Since 1999


6 days at Ventosilla Castle and 6 days at Tacones Estate, grand total partridges 10.100

October 10th to the 14th at Ventosilla Castle


Many thanks for the exceptional hospitality, this was our 4 shoot at Ventosilla with you and we will continue as many years as we can. Congratulations on your very well deserved C.J. McElroy


You are second to none, a great host and I look forward to seeing you very year!  Thank you!


In all of the world there cannot be an outfitter that is as well versed in hosting, hunting & shooting, as yourself


You are a gem! The moments were all fantastic, the food, the shooting, the conversation, all of it. Thank you for making me feel so at home, you truly are one of my favorite.


Really pleased and happy with my first experience of shooting Red Legged Partridges at Ventosilla Castle with you. Everything was beyond expected. Thank you very much!


So happy to be back after this year and a half break. The shooting was outstanding as always and the fun times together the best!   It is still as fun and joyful as the first time, which was over 10 years ago, or even better now that I got to create this friendship relationships with everybody. Until next October…


Ventosilla was again the greatest! Your hospitality and efforts with every detail was as always superb. Looking forward to next year.


First time shooting with you and I have to say that everything was first class. Impecable arrangements from picking me up at the airport to departure. Great shooting days at the Ventosilla Castle, where the hospitality was second to none. I very much hope to be back.


5 days at Ventosilla Castle, 2 at Ventosilla Estate, 5 days at Tacones Estate, grand total partridges 8.266  

1st party; February 21st & 22nd at Ventosilla Estate


I am really pleased and thankful of the whole experience. It was a fun and challenging 2 days of shooting Red Legged Patridges, the food, hospitality and company were second to none. We are certainly coming back next year.


Thank you so much for a really great time spent with you this last 3 days. The shooting was outstanding and really. Looking forward to repeat.


Thanks a lot for a great shooting, trip and company. I´ll be back in the near future.


The shooting was fun and challenging, the food and service, made this shooting trip one of the best ever. Looking forward to the next one


Excellent time spent with you and the whole party. The partridges were really challenging to shoot at, the experience was amazing. Thank you very much and see you in the next one.


An awesome time and experience. Thank you so much for everything, and I cannot wait to be back here in the near future.

2nd party; October 14th to the 19th at Ventosilla Castle


It has been over 10 years ago, since I started shooting at the Ventosilla Castle with you. Thank you as always and see you next year.

JC & JUNE HURT: This is our 9th or 10th year in a row, shooting partridges at the Ventosilla Castle with you. It is still as fun and joyful as the first time, or even better now that I got to create this friendship relationships with everybody. Until next October…


Thank you so much for another excellent & challenging Red Legged Partridges shooting days at Ventosilla Castle. Looking forward to next year´s with this special group of family and good friends!


I am so thankful and glad to have joined this party of family and friends, again this year. The shooting was really good and exciting, as always, the Ventosilla Castle is hard to beat.


Again, this year´s shooting at the Ventosilla Castle, and especially with this group of shooters and host, made it even better and more special than last´s.  See you next year!


Thank you very much for such an amazing time overall. The shooting was phenomenal and the company even better.


12 days at Ventosilla Castle & Quintanar Estate, grand total partridges 10.747

1st party; October 13th to the 16th

We are all thrilled by such an amazing shooting and entertaining experience. See you next year!

2nd party; October 17th to the 19th

This is our 8th year in a row and we look forward to many more. Thank you! Again, unbeatable…

3rd party; November 6th & 7th

Many thanks for an incredible shot these 2 days, looking forward to repeat!

4th party; November 27th to the 29th

This is our 2nd shooting trip and can´t thank you enough for such an excellent shooting and time!


BIRD SHOOTING AT VENTOSILLA CASTLE, grand total partridges 3455

OCTOBER 18th, 19th & 20th

Mr. Larry & Mss. Sara Potterfield:

Many thanks for your outstanding courtesy and organization during our 3 days at Ventosilla. Your knowledge and wisdom are beyond compare! See you next year

Mr. John Breedlove:

Thanks for another great shoot at Ventosilla! Always the best of everything!

Mr. David Essex & Mrs. Teresa Essex:

Thank you for so much for an outstading trip and shoot. There is no better way to spend one´s time. Teresa and I appreciate your efforts. The entire trip has been a pleasure

Mr. Steve Saunders:

Thank you very much! Simply 1st class!

Mr. Sandy Gibson:

Thank you so much for the great experience, hospitality, food, service, friendship and the best shooting!

Mr. Darryl Taylor:

This has been a great time for myself. Great shooting, great food and lodgings and great companions Thank you very much

Mr. JC Hurt:

Once again, this year I thank you for an excellent shoot and a great time with friends. The hospitality, food and partridges were outstanding. See you next year!


OCTOBER 19th, 20th & 21st: Grand total partridges; 2911

Mr. John Breedlove:

Thanks for another great year at Ventosilla! Always the best of everything!

Mr. Larry & Mrs. Brenda Potterfield:

What a joy for Brenda and I to have the opportunity to spend 10 days with you in Spain. This year, first at Ventosilla for the partridge, then to our big game adventure hunting for Spanish Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Mouflon Sheep and ending this exceptional hunt with the Gredos Ibex. We explored the Roman ruins and were amazed by the tombs, what a nice playground to have in your backyard. The food, drink and accommodations were amazing and I cannot imagine a more intensity trip day by day. Most important though was your companionship and the many hours of discussing “the way things work”. Your professionalism and values are impressive and it was our honor to be in your company!

Mr. Mike  & Mrs. Jennifer Smith:

The hospitality of Ventosilla staff, owners and guides were perfect. We have traveled to many exciting destinations and hold the Ventosilla Castle as one of the finest! You are the finest of host & your professionalism from entry of the country through our departure is 1st class. We consider you and your wonderful family as “our family”. Looking forward to repeat.

Mr. Rick  & Mrs. “Lotsie” Holton:

Thank you for the most wonderful shoot of partridge at Ventosilla. Fabulous food, friends, buds, wine & service. We will return with kids & grandsons.

Mr. Chipchase:

What an amazing 3 days at Ventosilla, great hospitality, great birds and great fun! Shooting as it was meant to be! Thank you so much

Mr. John Clint  “JC” Hurt:

Once again, thanks for a fine shoot and a great time with friends. The hospitality, food and partridges were outstanding. See you next year!

Mr. Merle Sampson & Marilyn Hanson:

Another spectacular time in Spain with you. A humbling experience for the first time not big game hunting, everything was first class. The Castle and its historic place in Spain were specialy wonderful. The people the service accommodations and food was exceptional. Thank you once again for being a wonderful host.

NOVEMBER 6TH: Grand total partridges; 565

Mr. Francis Menassa line:

Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful weekend with such a great hospitality. I had a terrific time with my family and friends, probably the best shooting trip I have had in a long time. A truly wonderful experience, great shooting, food & company. Hospitality, second to none. The shooting was amazing and the topography impressive. An absolutely amazing experience. An absolutely stunning location and phenomenal shooting, and most important a wonderful host!

2015 BIRD SHOOTING AT VENTOSILLA CASTLE, grand total 2.566 partridges.


Mr. Larry Potterfield:

A great adventure for anyone who loves to shoot birds! It was a special pleasure to return and this time to shoot with my son Russell.

Mr. Russell Potterfield:

Such a lovely, well-composed and brilliantly-executed three days of Wingshooting. From start to finish, a dream.

Mr. John Breedlove:

Another year, another great 3 days, thank you very much. See you next year!

Mr. JC Hurt:

Once again, muchisimas gracias for a fine shoot well organized, too many birds, better food than ever… Thanks see you next year!!

Mrs. Jennifer Smith:

First solo peg and the only bird shooter in the group. Great return trip & chance to improve my shooting. Everything was great, muchas gracias!!



Another great experience shooting with you at the Ventosilla Castle. We will be back, for the 6th time!!

KEVIN & TUESDY SMALL LINE, Bakersfield, CA. October 2014

Thank you for a perfect hunt trip! We so much appreciate the attention to detail. Looking forward to coming back…

KEN & SUE SMALL, Bakersfield, CA. October 2014

Thank you very much! We had the time of our lives!

BRAD & LIZ PETERS, Bakersfield, CA. October 2014

Thank you!! We had a fabulous time!! Everyone was so accommodating, thank you again…

TOM & EVELYN FOWLER, Dallas, TX. October 2014

What a fantastic adventure with an amazing staff and management. We felt thoroughly spoiled and such lovely holiday and hunt. We have made life long memories and friends…

DAVID & KONNI OLLIVIER, Bakersfield, CA. October 2014

Thank you for once in a lifetime trip! Everything was wonderful!


Jagd Stiedl, GMBH, Austria,  line of German shooters



Thank you for a great shooting experience at Mallorca beautiful island, and thank you very much for a perfectly organized hunt from arrival until departure, the accommodation, food and service was first class. We are looking forward to repeating again!



It was a great, challenging and enjoyable 3 days shoot! The accommodation at the Ventosilla Castle, as well as all the meals, staff and everything were beyond our expectations! Eduardo thank you very much and looking forward to next year´s!



Guy Davies from H&H, for perhaps the first time, understated how great this shooting trip to Spain is and how wonderful a host you are. Thank you very much from all of us, FOR THE BEST TRIP EVER!!!


Eduardo, Thank you so much for a first class experience again. The shooting was outstanding, the food and wine outrageous and your hospitality the best of all! Thank you.


Steve & Maria Saunders. Tasmania, Australia. Oct. 2011

Eduardo thank you for your endless efforts to provide great venues, fine food & wine. A history lesson on Spain, and above all fantastic Partridge shooting.

Darryl Taylor. Tasmania, Australia. Oct. 2011

Hi Eduardo

Just a quick note, to thank you for your hospitalility in October. I had a fantastic time. We had great company and excellent sport. Too much food and plenty of wine. You were a great host !

Work and play hard Eduardo .!!


Daryl Greatrex. Holland & Holland – London, GB. Oct. 2011

Thanks once again for your kind hospitality last week. It was a great trip and both Guy and I were very impressed with your facilities.

Please send my best regards to Carlos.

Guy Davies. Holland & Holland, New York, NY Oct.2011

Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for the wonderful shooting and kindness.


John Breedlove; TX October 2010

I have shot Red Legged Partridges in Spain with many different outfitters and I have to say that overall, CAZATUR has the best quality of birds and program of all! I will be back next year!



Ray Moore Sr. Texas, (November 2009)

The Moore boys thank you for a great trip and overall great time. It was my first visit to Spain but I hope not my last. The partridge shoots will be a memory I will treasure until my last day. Thanks again for everything my friend.


Ralph & Janice Marra; NY October 2008

This has been our first trip to Spain but it will not be the last for sure. Thank you very much for making us feel comfortable every moment and for showing us so much of your country, history and culture. The shooting, the food, the wine and the service it is first class and we could not ask for more. We will be back and we recommend this trip to anybody.


Roman Deville GA, Bill & Carole Mc Alpin KY, Winston & Sherry Puig TX, Chip Gilbert GA, Lance Puig TX, Ronnie & Carole Boyd TX:

I have the honour to write some words representing this fantastic group. Eduardo, we want to thank you for everything, for all your attentions to us, to every detail from the shooters to the non-shooters. The Ventosilla Castle it is the best accommodation that we could ask for, the service can not get better and the food has been just perfect, as well as the wines. After hunting birds all over the world, I have to say that the Red Legged Partridge is the king of all and with no doubt the most challenging. We recommend this fantastic experience to anybody that is willing to enjoy the best of shots available, with the best of service and all of this shared with your wife and friends. Thank you very much

Eduardo, we will be back.


Bill & Carole McAlpin; KY October 2006

Another excellent Red Legged Partridge shooting with you. Our best testimonial and reference to anybody is that we come every year, the challenge of the shooting combined with the food and the wine, plus the unbeatable accommodations and all of this shared with friends like you it is the reason that makes us come every year. Thank you very much.

DETAIL Co. Houston TX 2005

Mark & Diane Rousseau; CA October 2005

Thank you so much for a memorable trip. We appreciate the courtesy you extended to the non-shooters and please thank your wife Paloma for acting as the best tour guide we could have. Eduardo great shooting experiences in a single trip, I have had a lot of fun shooting high birds, cross birds and I truly think that the Red Legged Partridge is the king of the birds. All of this combined with great food and wine and awesome hosts, makes me recommend this amazing experience to anybody.

J.C. & Linda Wilson; NV October 2005

Thanks so much for a wonderful perfectly done time. I have enjoyed the Red Legged Partridge shooting very much, it is really challenging and fun, I still see those rockets birds flying all over… The accommodations, the food and the wine and having you as hosts has made our time spent with you a very special one. We will never forget this trip and hopefully we will be back soon. Thank you to Paloma for taking us touring, shopping and for showing us so many history and culture of your beautiful country.

Orlo & Wendy Cox; NV October 2005

After this wonderful experience for both us we just can not thank you enough for your efforts to please all of us, your knowledge of your history and culture, which we have taken part through these 4 days and the most important part for us your attention to every detail as the best hunting host we have ever had. I personally have enjoyed shooting Red Legged Partridge very much, this is a dream come true for any bird hunter. We will be back.

Ronnie & Carole Boyd; TX October 2005

Another year and another great experience with you my friend. As always everything went smooth and perfect. We loved the Ventosilla Castle, it was our first time and we were surprised of such a nice place full of so much history. The shooting went fine, this has been our 10th Red Legged Partridge shooting with you and you know that it is not the last. Thank you, your family in Houston.

Bob & Gay Rod; TX October 2005

Eduardo, as usual the best of hospitality, the best of food and wine, the best of friendship and the best of hunting. The Partridges are definitely the most challenging birds that I have ever shot and this combined with the luxury of the accommodations the unique Spanish cuisine that we like so much and the wines, makes me affirm that I will be back. Thank you for everything, I strongly recommend this trip to anybody.

Max & Gayle Dillard; TX October 2005

Your care and great attention to your clients needs was much appreciated. We feel we have new friends in Spain and you have new ones in Texas. Our first Red Legged Partridge was wonderful; it will be difficult not to come back. We appreciate your staff and love the history and people of Spain. Thank you very much for this amazing trip.

Mr. & Mrs. Bashams; TX October 2005

This is our first time in Spain and we are extremely happy with the result of this hunting trip. Sharing your beautiful country, history and culture with good friends and shooting Red Legged Partridges, it has been above our expectations. The accommodations, the food the wines and your staff made our time in Spain a very special one that we will never forget. We hope to be back soon.


Bill & Carole McAlpin; KT November 2003

Eduardo, thank you so much for our many “Spain” experiences that you provided us on this trip. The shooting was excellent and challenging as always. The food the wine and the time spent with you and your staff has been very pleasant. See you next year…

DETAIL Co. Nov. 2002-2001.

Sun, partridges and the Spanish generous and hospitalising style, have presented me with days of luxury we will never forget. Great shoot, beautiful birds in the wind. The partridge is the king of the birds, they have my respect. If it is the will of Good, we will be back.

Serge Dompierre; Argentina November 2002

I had a really good time, you have a top class organization and the shoot was great. Beautiful challenging birds, the guns in the wind or the shadow of the sun. I love Spain, the food and the wines are excellent and the Red Legged Partridge is the king of the Birds, they have all my respect. I will be back!!

Juana Ramírez; Argentina November 2002

Sun, Red Legged Partridges and friends… Nothing much to ask for. Eduardo, I want to thank you very much for your hospitality and your attention to every detail. The food and the wines were excellent and the shoot was above my expectations.

BILL &Carole McAlpin; KT November 2002

Eduardo thank you very much to you and to all your staff, splendid shooting, great food and excellent companions!! We will be back soon.

Dial Dunkin; TX November 2001

The quality of the hunt was better than we had expected. Having been a guide in Mexico for the past 30 years, I know and understand quality… Effort is a very important part of any organization and your continuous effort during the hunt was well defined. We will return…

Stuart Williams; WA November 2001

Everything was far above my expectations: Strong, high flying birds, deluxe atmospheric accommodations, excellent food, wine and service. I strongly recommend this shooting, cultural, touring, gastronomic and friendship experience to anybody. I will return…



Ron The guide, line of shooters

Bob & Judy Albrecht; TX October 2000

Thank you very much for a wonderful shooting experience. The variety of shots afforded by the Red Legged Partridge was more than any dedicated bird hunter could ask for. Overall, the bird shooting was the best I have experienced anywhere in the world.

Kay & Peter Myher; TX October 2000

To our new Spanish friends: We feel we were exposed to the “real” Spanish customs, both social and hunting. A truly wonderful event for us both and we will be back soon. Thank you very much, great shot, great food & wines, great hosts and a great country!!

Catherine & Randall Lawton; WI October 2000

Dear Eduardo & Paloma, you have figured out how to herd Americans with diplomacy, tact and style, thank you. The opportunity to shoot Red Legged Partridge in the Spanish style was a truly exciting experience and one I expect to repeat soon. It could easily become addictive. Thank you very much.

Liz & Don Hoffman; TX October 2000

When you visit Spain for the first time, you are correspond for the bless of the spirit in the land, the people, and the religion. To travel across Spain with Eduardo and with other friends from Texas is to rediscover the Mother Country. We loved the Red Legged Partridge, in my opinion; they are the most challenging Birds you can shoot. Thank you very much, we will return!!

Georgette & Guy Richards; TX November 2000

Eduardo, you have an absolutely fantastic operation! Fast fly and high Birds, the staff were the best. The food and the wines cannot be better and the accommodations are simply amazing. Thank you very much, we will be back!!

Carole & Ronnie Boyd; TX November 2000 (Repeat clients)

Another wonderful hunt, wines were excellent so was the food. Eduardo, our first trip to Spain was with you 20 years ago, and we come over and over whenever we can. It is one of our favourite countries, the fantastic weather of Spain shared with friends like you and also shooting Red Legged Partridge, it is the best reason for any hunter that wants to shoot the best birds and that wants to enjoy the finest accommodations, food and wine.

John & Betty Whitehouse; November 2000 (Repeat clients)

Again, a wonderful trip! You are truly one of the best hosts ever; your attention to details, your kindness, and your sincerity is much appreciated. The birds beautifully appreciated, plentiful, and extremely well presented. We will be back the next year for 4 days. Thank you very much.


Ronnie & Carol Boyd, John & Betty Whitehouse, Gary & Eileen Kramer, Gary & Elizabeth Ingersoll, Mark Linental, Bill Sefton; Roy Moore, John Van Ness, Taber Kopan,  Roy Moore;

Tomorrow we scatter to Texas and California, and I have been chosen to write a final statement from the group. First of all, thank you very much to all CAZATUR staff, for all you have done to make our stay wonderful, you have been helpful and supportive hosts; our accommodations have been luxurious, the food has been delicious as well as the wines. The birds have been plentiful and challenging. Eduardo, this experience which you have provided has helped us to become warm friends and has made our stay a very pleasant social event. Thank you very much for all your efforts, I think you can be sure that we will return.

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