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Loaders and Assistants

After having drawn the shooting position for the day, the shoot master will assign to you two men; your loader and an assistant, “secretarios”. These two very experience men, will be with you for the entire shooting program. Each shooting ground has its own personnel, so if you are going to shoot in our two different areas, there will be a change of “secretarios”.

The loader´s job is self explanatory and he will adjust the way you hand the empty gun to him while he places the newly loaded gun in your hand, wether you are right handed shooter, or a left handed one. Their experience comes after loading guns for shooters from all over the World, for more than 10 years. They appreciate, the quality of the guns they are handling, so you can be assured of a very professional and skilled person. At the end of any shooting day he will pass a “cleaning snake” through your tubes and will clean the dust of your gun with an oil impregnated cloth. Your guns will be kept in a secured gun room.

Your “secretario” is the man who will carry all you belongings, making sure you have not left behind any of it. He is also the man in charge of counting and later, with the help of the loader picking your downed birds. He keeps the count of you birds with a clicker, so you know at any time, what your count is. The shoot master will let him know which is your shooting position for each drive. and he will lead you to that place.

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