End of Drivers hunting


End of Drives

Also known as “Tableau” it is a moment to present respect to your sport, to the people who have worked very hard for this successful day,  to see in front of you the total bagged birds as per the contracted daily amount, a moment of pride for the shooters who have been able to accomplish this mark, and the perfect souvenir photo to be framed for your office, or a special place in your home.

It is a perfect way to close the sporting activity, while sharing a glass of wine in the Chill Out of the Castle yard, or at the Bullring building, or if you prefer enjoy a shower, before meeting for dinner, in your selected attire.

We at CAZATUR, have presented you with the best of our knowledge and hability, trying to exceed your expectations for the day (as we have been told many times). We would love to be able in the future, to try our best again, to have you back with us;

The best shooting organization in Spain.

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