Daramazan Estate House


Daramazan Introduction


The Daramazan Estate, together with other lands in Toledo came into the V Count of Villaumbrosa who married with Teresa Spinola and Colonna the III Marquee of Balbases, portraited by Velazquez the master painter from Seville, in the painting of -Las Lanzas- The redemption of Breda. The lady who carried the title of X countess of Villaumbrosa marries the XV Duke of Alburquerque, and the title has stayed in the Osorio family since. Today the XXI, duke of Alburquerque is the Daramazan Estate landlords first cousin, as is the XIV countess of Villaumbrosa.

This family is related to my mother; Sonsoles Diez de Rivera family, by the marriage of the count of Almodovar; Pedro Diez de Rivera y Muro to Francisca de Figueroa y Torres, the great grandmother of today’s landlords, because Miguel Osorio y Martos, XIX duke of Alburquerque, married the daughter of the above marriage;  Ines Diez de Rivera y Figueroa, whose son, Beltran Osorio y Diez de Rivera became the XX duke of Alburquerque.

The title of duke of Alburquerque was first given by king Hery IV, from Castilla and Leon, to Beltran de la Cueva, in 1464. This is before the reunification of the Iberian peninsula under one Crown, by the Catholics Kings marriage; Isabel and Fernando. Kings of Spain!


At the accommodation we are using in Daramazan owned by Juan Osorio Matossian, count of La Torre, there are 7 double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The house enjoys a fantastic view of the countryside as each living room and bedroom has large windows to enjoy it. The catering while shooters enjoy Daramazan, will be the same as at Ventosilla Castle, as both are only 15 minutes apart. The exquisite decoration of every space in the house, needs to be investigated by our guests, especially the fine collection of game birds from Spain spread out through the house. The furniture, the linens, and all in the restrooms, has specifically been chosen, for the comfort of the eye. The house is fully equipped with central heating system and the various fire places will be on to add charm and comfort.


Daramazan is part of the shooting grounds of Ventosilla for the last 20 years, so by staying here, shooters will have access to the drives at Daramazan as those across the road in Ventosilla, as it has been done since the beginning.


There are several reasons, the most important one is to be able to shoot at Spain´s Best Shooting organization; “Ventosilla Castle”. Another one, is because others have booked their dates in advance at the Castle, and the third one is, because this house offers same luxury as at Ventosilla Castle.

Let the combination of Cazatur with Eduardo F. de Araoz, with Ventosilla Castle landlords enjoy the same shoot at my cousins’ home, the family of the duque of Alburquerque.


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