Quintanar Palace Introduction

Cazatur has also arrive to an agreement with Quintanar to offer high-end services with excellent accommodation, together with a challenging shoot, for a more competitive cost than at other locations. Here, a two days shoot for family lines, or corporate groups is the perfect choice.


The Quintanar Palace is found very close to the historic city of Segovia and breaking the rolling plains of Castile, with the Guadarrama Mountains as a backdrop. This estate has belonged to the same family since the colonization of these lands around the XIIth Century. The different generations have always tailored to maintain the essence, the spirit and the original characteristics of the place.

Nowadays, and following the inherited tradition, the actual Marquis of Quintanar is still intended to the same purposes ever: hunting, breeding fighting bulls, and agriculture.


100 Km. from Madrid away, and 12 Km. from Segovia
High Speed Train from Madrid to Segovia is available; 27 minutes.


The estate holds a XIVth Century palace. Originally a defensive fortress, the palace has gone through

several modifications, along its history. The last one took place a few years ago, in order to provide it, with all the actual facilities, but taking much care to preserve each detail, to maintain its personality and authentity. The front façade reflects today, the same characters and splendid colors as it had during the XVIIth Century, when the most relevant segovian palaces such as La Granja, or Riofrío, where decorated under the Florentine influences.

Suite type rooms assure our guests the maximum comfort with a direct service offered from the Quintanar family, taking extreme care in both; meals and wine list. Eduardo F. de Araoz is co-hosting each shoot to make sure all happens to you satisfaction.

Driven Red Legged Partridge Shooting;

Partridge drive shooting is certainly the main attraction of small game in Spain. It is worldwide known that the dream of every gun is the challenge of a covey of partridges flying swiftly in over the butt. No other bird game can provide such excitement.

It is at the end of the XIXth Century when partridge drives appear in Spain, reigning King Alphonse XIII, the best shooter of the time and the driving force behind this modality. In the early 1920´s this sport was already very popular within the most important Spanish estates.

Quintanar has been shooting partridges in for the last four generations. The property, holding centenary shrub oaks, gall oaks, pines, junipers and a varied orography broken by gullies, offer a changing landscape and a wide range of shooting situations making every drive different. Quintanar is a unique and privileged place for partridge shooting.


Also known as “Tableau” it is a moment to present respect to your sport, to the people who have worked very hard for this successful day, to see in front of you the total bagged birds as per the contracted daily amount, a moment of pride for the shooters who have been able to accomplish this mark, and the perfect souvenir photo to be framed for your office, or a special place in your home.

It is a perfect way to close the sporting activity, while sharing a glass of wine at the Estate´s bar, or if you prefer, enjoy a shower before meeting for dinner, in your selected attire.

Red Legged Partridge Shooting, Price structure includes;

Personal supervision, of Eduardo f. de Araoz during the entire program

One shooting day consists of a minimum of 500 downed birds

The accommodation at the Quintanar Palace, in full board with the best menus, snacks between drives, lunch and dinner, which will be set according to your needs. Our chef is a Cordon Bleu!

Transportation from Madrid to the Quintanar Palace and return is on mini vans, or Mercedes sedan

All cartridges required in the gauges requested for the shoot

Red Legged Partridge Shooting Price structure does not include;

Spanish shooting license and mandatory personal insurance

Hiring of two guns per shooter

Mandatory loader and assistance per shooter

Allowance per shooter per day;

62 Birds bag allowance per day x 2 days = 125 Birds


The allowance per shooter is on a daily basis, and each shooter will be responsible to pay its


 Booking conditions;

50% of the total cost needs to be paid to secure the shooting date.

Remaining 50% needs to be paid 40 days before the secured dates.

Additional bird shoot per day needs to be settled before departure from Spain.

No refund if the shoot is cancelled by the client, or if payment schedule is not meet!

For a personal quotation please write to:




Day 0; Upon arrival in Madrid, Eduardo Araoz (owner of CAZATUR) or his assistants will greet each shooter at the airport, assist with gun clearance if required, and driven you to your accommodations In Madrid.

DAY 1; At 11:30 Pick-up from your hotel, to drive to Segovia for sightseeing and lunch at a typical restaurant. After lunch, you will be driven towards the QUINTANAR PALACE, for the two shooting days. 08:30 pm welcome dinner for the whole line and introduction to the shoot. Overnight on site.

DAY 2; Breakfast (09:00 am) at the Palace.

After breakfast, drawing of the shooting position for the day.

10:00 am. Shooters are off to the shooting grounds.

The shooters will enjoy a full day of shooting with refreshments in the field between drives.

Normally 4, or 5 drives in a day.

Lunch normally served next to the fightingbulls ring.

Dinner; (08:30 pm) in the dining room of the Palace, after cocktails in the living room.

Dinner attire; Cocktail

DAY 3; Breakfast (09:00 am) at the Palace.

After breakfast, drawing of the shooting position for the day.

10:00 am.  Shooters are off to the shooting grounds.

The shooters will enjoy a full day of shooting with refreshments in the field between drives.

Normally 4, or 5 drives in a day.

Lunch normally served next to the fightingbulls ring.

Early dinner will be served at the end of the shooting day which is always a grand affair. A Game Parade will be presented to the shooters inside the bullring, to take pictures and honour the accomplishment for the  two days of shooting.

A Cazatur representative, will transfer the group back to Madrid to the airport, or to overnight in a hotel.

DAY 4; Transfer to the airport. Or if you are staying longer you will be driven to the airport to assist you on the clearing of your firearm when you leave Spain.

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