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Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that Cazatur is not responsible for transportation of Client or his effects, trophies or similar to or from or within hunting area. The Client hereby appoints Cazatur, its servants, employees or agents or guides as agent of client to arrange, book and confirm transportation and travel accommodation on Client´s behalf. The Client agrees to indemnify and save harmless Cazatur with respect to all costs, and all claims and suits whatsoever which may arise out of the actions of Cazatur as Client´s agent with respect to this paragraph.
Client hereby also acknowledges and agrees that Cazatur can act as a limited representative for clients or for their agents to engage the services of airlines, hotels, tour companies and other travel facilities herein referred to as “Operators” and their services herein referred to as “Arrangements”. In these cases, prices quoted or brochures and price sheets furnished by Cazatur are based on the latest information furnished by Operators and dated accordingly. Cazatur will, to the best of its knowledge, advise clients of conditions clients will encounter while travelling and will encounter while travelling and will attempt to secure the best available arrangements and reservations from Operators that will best suit clients needs. However, it is understood that Cazatur or the Operator reserves the right to alter or withdraw any tour or part within as necessary.
Cazatur will assist or advise clients to the best of its ability with pertinent information regarding visas, international health requirements, travel tips and such other information as available.
Most Operators require deposits and/or payments and Cazatur acts as an intermediary to transfer clients’ deposits and payments to the Operators in order to secure necessary reservations and Arrangements. Cazatur shall not be responsible for any change of prices by Operators or any changes in the valuation of currencies; the improper or non-performance by any Operator or government and/or any acts of omission of any Operator; any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of any the facilities of various suppliers; any injury, loss or damage to the client´s personal effects including everything taken along on, or obtained on an Arrangement.
Cazatur shall not be responsible for the return of any payments to the client due to any of the above mentioned occurrences, nor in the event of cancellation or change of schedule by the client or by the Operators; however, Cazatur will attempt to provide replacements in the event the client cancels and to re-negotiate with the Operator to obtain the return to the client of as much of any payments as possible. The client understands the Arrangements agreed upon and holds Cazatur harmless for any of the above-mentioned occurrences.


It is agreed that this contract shall be exclusively governed, interpreted and enforced pursuant to the Spanish Laws and by the Judges and Courts of the Ordinary Jurisdiction in Madrid (Spain), whereas both parties expressly resign from any other Law or Jurisdictional competition that could be applied due to their nationality or personal status.
In consideration of the Outfitter entering into this contract, the undersigned does hereby remise, release and forever discharge the Outfitter, its heirs, executors, officers, employees and agents of and from all manner of actions, causes of action, suits, claims, and demands arising or to arise whether by negligence, gross negligence, breach of contract or by reason of any cause, manner of thing whatever.


40% of Hunt Daily Rate and Hunting Permit of trophies desired must be paid when signing the contract. Balance of contracted price must be paid and received by CAZATUR at least one month prior to the beginning of the hunt. In the event of hunt cancellation and/or post due payment(s), any deposit return or carry over for a different date would be at the option of CAZATUR.

All payments should be made to the name of CAZATUR

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