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Outstanding PH; SCI 2010, WSF 2012



1. Conservation Organizations

  • a. Safari Club International Life member
  • b. International Professional Hunters Association IPHA, Full professional member since 1983, President since 2005 .
  • c. Dallas Safari Club, member.
  • d. Houston Safari Club, member.
  • e. Foundation North American Wild Sheep, member.
  • f. GSCO Ovis Grand Slam Club, member.
  • g. Founder member, Hunting and Conservation Foundation, in Spain
  • h. Monteros Club, member, in Spain
  • i. Game Conservation International
  • j. Mzuri Foundation
  • k. Was member (age 14), of ADENA, Nature Defence Association, in Spain

2. Conservation projects.

a. Year 2002; Fully financed 5 ornithological viewing stands donated bicycles and binoculars, at a recuperated water lagoon in Spain in the outskirts of Alcazar de San Juan in Ciudad Real, Spain, one of the few lagoons in which the “Tarro blanco” (tadorna tadorna), a specie classified as of “special interest”, can be seen. This lagoon was cleaned by the Hunting and Conservation Ass, because it was being used as a dumper. APPENDIX I
b. Year 2004; Fully financed the restoration of the full mount for the World Record Royal Sable antelope with 66’’ of horn length, (shoot in Angola in 1945 by the Count of Yebes), which is on display at the museum of Natural Science in Madrid, Spain .

3. Youth Program

a. Year 2000; helped coordinate a Sensory Safari in conjunction with the Caza y Conservacion Foundation in Spain.

b. Year 2002; coordinated the largest exposition of “teratrological” red deer (strange grows of antlers created by nature) to be displayed at the SCI Spain Chapter hall at the Venatoria show in Madrid. APPENDIX II

c. Year 2009; Coordinate in conjunction with the Royal Spanish hunting Federation a youth summer program to teach them shooting tracking and game management techniques, all this at the SCI endorsed Indianhead Ranch in del Rio Texas, expanding the program with cultural aspects; a visit to The Alamo in San Antonio TX as well as to NASA in Houston TX.
d. Teaching ethical behaviour in the field and safe shooting practices to my sons and all young in our family and/or their friends.

4. Outdoor programs:

a. I am the president and owner of a Spanish outfitting company called Cazatur, was founder member of a Safari Consultancy in Spain called MundiCaza, so I have always been involved in the protection of the hunter’s rights to hunt in the different areas in Spain, and through out the World.

b. Year 1998 first European Cup of life pigeon shoot, for Region 27 in Spain

c. Year 1999; Clay pigeon shoot for all SCI Spain Chapter members hosted by me at our hunting Lodge as we celebrated my 40th birthday.

d. Year 2008, coordinated the efforts of all Spanish Chapters with past president Anderson, to adhere to the demonstration in Spain against a law which was passed by the Spanish government, against old hunting traditions which could cause the prohibition of hunting and hunting techniques in Spain. 500.000 people from through out Spain demonstrated on the Castellana Street in Madrid. As Spain Chapter president, I was invited to be at the first line of the demonstration, amongst the rest of the presidents of other international associations. APPENDIX IV.


I would like to see the next generation enjoying this same outdoor activity; “Hunting,” which is instrumental to the proper management, of the natural renewable resources. I will make sure, I can assist within my position and financial disponibility of funds, in any way I can help, to the continuity of hunting worldwide.


1. Yes, “Caza y Safaris” and “Hunters” Spanish hunting magazines

1. Year II December 1983, page 29th, “Hunting Black Bear”.
2. Year III, April 1984, page 27th, “Expocaza un bazaar familiar” “Hunters” Spanish magazine.
3. Year I, number 2, April 1997, SCI; Spain chapter “presidents message”
4. Every number here after for 27 more numbers published the SCI measuring system form by form, with comments and information about SCI, and the book, besides trying to expand SCI in Spain.
5. Year IX, number 95, page 81 SCI Spain Chapter dinner, Presentation at the dinner to Mr. Velko Varichak the CIC conservation award presented by HRH Teresa de Borbon. Page 78 Eduardo Araoz at Venatoria with his splendid CAZATUR stand.
6. Hunters Quest 1992 volume 8 page 16th. “Dinero” a Spanish economical publication, September 1993 page 69, “Las piezas exoticas se ponen a tiro” this is an interview of the international and local hunting industry, its potential and momentum in Spain. Sports Afield, June-July 2004 page 70, a photo of me illustrates the article; “travel to Spain for the best tall partridge shoot in the World”, by Alex Brant.

2. Not directly, but have used as the news-letter for the Spain Chapter of SCI, the Spanish hunting magazine called “Hunters”
3. Yes in SCI, but do not have the records of it…

Some books have hunting episodes about me as outfitter, like authors;

By Ricardo Medem,

1. – “Argali” Agualarga 1994 mentions me in his foreword in and inside relates to me as his best guide ever.

2.- “Tras la Estrella mas Alta” (After the highest Star) Agualarga 1999

By Alain Smith; in “Close calls and Hunting Adventures” Chapter, Spanish Macho Montes.

By Hussein “Soudi”Golabchi; “Upstairs”, Safari Press 2007 Chapter about Ronda Ibex in Spain

By Jose Madrazo (a Weatherby award nominee):

1. – In “Ovis Ammon. La Senda del Argali”, Editorial “La Trebere”, Madrid 2007 “Ovis Ammon. On the Argali Trail” to be on the market by safari trail in July 09.

Cazatur is mentioned in:

– Chap.1 “Marco Polo en Balandkiik”.

– Chap. VII “Por el Tibet cazando el Gansú o Argali de Dalailamae”.

– Chap. IX “En el desierto Chino: Argali del Gobi”. Este libro editado por Safari Press Inc bajo el aparecerá en Julio (probablemente) en USA, con Prólogo de Dennis Campbell. Te adjunto el anuncio aparecido en el Catalogo de Safari Press. En la versión en inglés, obviamente, aparece Cazatur en los mismos capítulos mencionados.

2.- In “Safari en China. The Most Elusive Mountain Game”, Editorial “La Trebere”, Madrid 2008, Cazatur (and me by name) Chap. 1 “Preparativos”; “Hunting trip arrangements” this book is forworded by Rex Baker and edited in a bilingual version distributed in the US by OVIS (Campbell).

3. – “Hunters”, Nº 60, April 2002, front page Cazatur as Outfitter for the new World record Alpine Ibex.

By Vicente Sanchez y Sanchez Valdepeñas SCI Life member 2575

1. – “Naunk the Phantom of the Artic Night”, Otero 2004 In Chapter 9, Wundumtiki, names Cazatur and me as the safari consultant who arranged this safari for him.

2. – “Caza y Entorno”; Otero 2007 Chap. 8, about travelling with firearms internationally, transcribes a conversation in which I encourage him to keep travelling with firearms no to loose our right to do so with the airlines.

I wrote the foreword for the compilation of stories written by members of IPHA only, from around the World, “CAMPFIRES” and published in Spanish and in English, which was a fundraising project I presented for IPHA”.

I have also participated on national TV shows in Spain talking about SCI, some radio programs to speak about the conservation roll of hunters in today’s world. I have given a seminar at the Veterinarian University in Madrid, about the diversity of wildlife related projects, they could involve themselves after graduating. I also gave a seminar to the Complutense University of Almeria about different ways of economical benefit related to wildlife products, to people wishing to make a living in rural areas of Spain (the day my son was born).

4. International Professional Hunters Association IPHA, Full professional member since 1983 and President today,

Dallas Safari Club, member and member of the trophy judging committee.

Houston Safari Club member,

Foundation North American Wild Sheep, member,

GSCO Ovis Grand Slam Club, member,

Montero’s Club, member (in Spain),

Club de Bibilofilia Venatoria (in Spain) founder member,

Foundation Caza y Conservacion, past Patron and founder member.

Was member of ADENA, (Nature Defence Association, in Spain), when I was 14 years old.

5. SCI, Top Ten Donor Award # 8 at SCI 31st convention, (this means that through my outfitting company in an 10 years period I have generated for SCI at the Convention only, over 100,000 US $).

SCI Pittsburgh Chapter Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the year 1995.

Membership drive award by SCI, for international Chapters.

Recognitions as donor; from SCI, and Flint Regional, Detroit, Chicago, Alaska, Lehigh Valley, Miami, Madison, Georgia, San Diego, New England and other Chapters repeated many years.

2001 Outfitter of the year by Expeditions by Ron Young

2008-2009 Top Measures Award recipient, # 7

CAZATUR is the largest awarded Safari Consultancy in Spain by Expo-Venatoria for trophy quality taken by our clients since 1995

Carlo Caldesi 2nd award in 2006 for world record Gansu Argali from China

Carlo Caldesi 4th, place in 2009 for a Blue Sheep taken in Nepal in 2008


Supporting SCI and Chapters,

I have been recognized by SCI as one of the Top Ten donors ever.

I am since 1988 Spain Chapter president.

I have donated through Cazatur, hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, to the chapters in the US and internationally. 374 fulfilled donated hunts to Chapters.

I am an exhibitor at the National Convention since 1982 and as exhibitor rank # 23.

Served SCI;

I am a board member since 1988 as Spain Chapter President, which I still am.

I have served as well as SCI European Representative for one term 1999 to 2001. Certificate signed by past president Larry Katz dating 1989 as member of the BOD.

I am a master measurer # 264

Member of SCI;

Yes, I am SCI life member and Spain Chapter member.

Member since,

I am a member since 1982, and as Spain Chapter president have arranged meetings fundraisers, dinner’s outdoor activities, written articles about SCI in local magazines produced trophy recognition medals for SCI members in Spain, arranged the first measurer’s seminar in Spain for taxidermists and others.

Present the SCI Spain Chapter yearly with a double Booth at Expo-Venatoria in Madrid Spain, since 1995.

SCI Programs;

I helped on the proper translation of the measurement system of trophy records into Castilian Spanish, so that it could be properly understood by all Spanish speaking members worldwide.

I have held several memberships drives in Spain.

I am a supported of FACE.

I have helped establish SCI in Europe.

I am a master measurer. # 264

I received in 2009 the Top Measures Award # 7


Opening of areas;

I have not opened any area as such, but I have backed up, those who did so, by arranging hunts for my Spanish clients in those areas.

Which areas;

Spain, I presented to Ricardo Medem the latest study by Dr. Jaime de la Pena Paya, of the scientific difference within the Spanish Ibexes, in order to have a separate classification for each one of them, at the SCI record book of trophies, which was later adopted through Ricardo Medem’s work within SCI. This has been for Spain, a grand benefit.

As explained above, I have not opened but, supported Elephant hunting in Ethiopia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania. Markhor hunting in Pakistan, the Argalis and all other species in China as well as in Mongolia, in the past as well as now, the reopening in Nepal, Marco Polo hunting since the beginning in Tadjikistan, sheep hunting in Iran, Polar Bear hunting, constant support of all hunting programs in Europe, as well as in the American Continent, as in the South Pacific. I have been involved in the promotion of hunting every specie, which has legal hunting permissions in their country of origin, as they where available to sport hunting during my career as Safari Consultant. Last but not least, this year 2009 the reopening of Egypt.

Member of PH ASS.

Yes, I am a Full Professional member of the International Professional Hunters Association since 1981 I was elected a member of the Executive Committee in 1993 since 2005 I am the current president.

I was a founder member and treasurer of the Spanish Outfitters Association.

Outfitter for;

28 years.

How many hunts;

As an outfitter, in Spain; 774 hunters to Spain in 626 hunting expeditions and as a Safari Consultant, 1068 hunting expeditions for 1937 hunters all around the World all this since 1982.

How many countries;

I have been outfitting personally in Spain, since 1982. I have arranged hunts in all opened countries to sport hunting since then. I have been a hunting guide in Spain since 1978. This is my 32nd, year in the industry. I have been arranging hunts for Spanish hunters mainly, but also for the international hunter’s community in all open countries in all continents, to Sport Hunting, since 1982.


I was born in Madrid, Spain in October 16th, 1959. I started hunting as most of us do in Europe with my father, accompanying him mostly, to driven red legged partridge hunts in Spain. Later, through friends and relatives, continued with which became a passion, “hunting” and “hunting”.

1978 went to college at the Madrid Autonoma University, to study Economic science.

1978-79, worked for Chase Manhattan Bank in Madrid, at their first opened branch in Spain,

1979-81, worked as a guide for CAZATUR

1982 together with other professional hunters in Spain, started what happened to be the strongest booking agency in Spain at the time,”MundiCaza”.

1988, bought CAZATUR out from Ricardo Medem. Became Spain Chapter president

1991, I married to Paloma with whom we have two children; Veronica 15 and Eduardo IV, 14.

1992, I bough out, all the share holders in this company and transformed CAZATUR, into a Safari Consultancy in Spain, specialised in top quality hunts, as well as kept it’s origin, as the Pioneer Outfitting company in Spain, with the highest standards of trophy quality and service.

I have hunted and or arranged hunts for 6 Weatherby award winners.

My love of hunting is combined with my love to attend bullfights in Madrid, deep fish in the Cantabrian Sea as well as its sea shores, at our family home near Santander.


Firma eduardo
Eduardo F. de Araoz

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