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The Country

There is no question that Spain is the ideal place to bring along your non-hunting companion and experience together the Adventure of your life. In addition to the possibilities it can offer the trophy hunter, her or his non hunting companion also has the opportunity to experience first-hand the natural beauty of the Spanish wilderness, ranging from the central plains and coastal ranges rising up from the Mediterranean shores, to the lush velvety-green northern highlands, which timidly upstage the starkly naked, breathlessly beautiful Cantabrian and Pyrenean Mountains towering behind them. As one hunter remarked on his first visit to Spain: “I never thought Spain was so beautiful, so magnificent, so variable, so panoramic…”

And, not only the tourism, but shopping for famous artisan items, such as ceramics, leather goods, silver or gold, etc… still active in Spain from generation to generation.

What most people fail to realize is that in Europe, Spain ranks second only to Switzerland in altitude, and if we speak of scenic variation, it is far more attractive and enticing, and the visual sobriety and masculinity inherent in the landscape has, through the centuries, stamped its image on the Spanish people and their method of hunting, thus giving the outsider the possibility to make contact with a way of hunting unique in its own sense, while at the same time faithful to the traditional European ways. It is fair chase of autochthonous wild game in the purist European traditional style.

These hunting and scenic possibilities are complemented by the proud Spanish cultural heritage, as visually evident as one travels through the country. Here one has a wealth of artistic treasures at his fingertips, and if the hunter and his nonhunting companion are lovers of culture and energetic enough to make the best of their spare moments, they can make their stay doubly worthwhile by experiencing together what Spain has to offer; a hunting experience of a life time.

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