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Introduction to the Ventosilla Castle

Ventosilla Castle was the first estate in Spain to organize driven shoots for red legged partridges back in 1864, by the Duke of Santona. His son the Count of Teba, nephew of HRH Queen Elisabeth II from England, continued the tradition which now has been inherited by his grandsons, who as in the past arrange this shoots with the same greatness and elegance.

The Castle, located 20 minutes from the ancient, original Roman Imperial city of Toledo and 1 hour drive from Madrid, your point of arrival, was built in the 16th century, as a hunting retreat for the wealthy and powerful Cardinals in Spain of Toledo. It has been enlarged and updated by the subsequent generations of the same family.  The Castle and its gardens have been designed by the famous landscape designer Forestier, providing a backdrop that guarantees an unforgettable shooting day.

Guests enjoy 19 double bedrooms with en suite facilities, a large dining room and several living areas, all for the enjoyment of our shooting companions. A gun room also available to secure and clean your treasure.

Eduardo Araoz, owner of CAZATUR, is present during the entire program and will  coordinate and facilitate all needs and requests of his guests. Join Eduardo and his staff soon to shoot the challenging red legged partridge in Spain.

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