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The Drives

There are more than 40 different drives to be used  both, at the Ventosilla Castle shooting grounds as well as at the Estate. Many of the Castle individual drives have the past century gained a reputation, because of the various factors of difficulty involved; (height of the incoming birds, wind influence, snap shots etc…), but most importantly each peg is perfectly situated to keep “security in mind”  meaning the distance between them are as such you are within sight of your shooting neighbors.

In Spain as you might know, your helper “secretario”, installs a shield on each side of your peg, which blinds you from seeing your neighbor while you are swinging your gun following an incoming bird. This shield will make you lift the gun out of the shooting line so safety is assured.

Depending on the weather, time of the day, and dominating wind, the drives are chosen specifically each day. Between drives we always serve snacks and drinks, to give you time to visit about  your drive with the rest of the line, and more important, to allow the beaters to move to the next location from where they are going to blink the birds in the following drive over the line.

For each drive we use 40 to 50 beaters perfectly uniformed with reflecting vests, so you can see them when they come close to the line of shooters. The shooting of each drive ends, after the blow of a horn by the beaters commander. After this horn blow, shooting stops inmediatelly, as the beaters will be within shooting range.

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