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Snacks and Lunches

Between drives during the day, Spanish tradition offers you a time to visit with your friends and shooters about the previous drive, bid yellow each other, and get better acquainted.

Enjoy a glass of red or chilled white wine, sit for a moment, and relax while you visit with your old or new friend, with whom you are experiencing this wonderful time, see the “secretarios” your assistants, bring in the retrieved birds from the drive. What can be nicer than having a delicious partridge broth, a sherry wine, a Spanish tortilla, some jamon ibérico, filled sweet red peppers, olives, manchego cheese and all those delicious “tapas” Spain is famous for?

Breathe in the fresh morning air, and in the middle of the shooting day gather in the lunch tent, by the Tajo River, or in the old game keeper´s house to enjoy Paella, or some other great typical Spanish meal.

Let us exceed your expectations as we have assured you before and will again, to have you experience the best shooting organization in Spain for the challenging Red Legged Partridge.


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