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Driven Red Legged Partridge shoots are considered amongst the most challenging game bird there is in the World. We will present to the line of shooters every day, several thousands of birds with different flying patterns, which together with the height and speed (partridge can fly 40 miles an hour for a short period of time),  they will fly over you, and will challenge your shooting ability for  the one  most memorable shoots you will ever experience.

We have designed each drive so that the birds come in high, and strong. Choose in the sky to shoot those with the most difficulty. We are assured the day’s bag will be accomplished, and if you follow this suggestion you will be giving yourself additional joy and pleasure.

Red Legged Partridge shooting is done over four or five drives a day. On every drive there is a special moment of extreme action, do not be shy on cartridges and shoot in front of you, forget the bird which is making you shoot in the back; the ACTION IS IN FRONT. If you have shot in Spain before, you know what I mean and if you are thinking of doing so, make up your mind, come and enjoy the best shooting in the world under blue skies, warm weather, and great camaraderie.

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