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Introduction to Ventosilla Estate

The Estate is located 45 minutes from Madrid airport away and 30 minutes from the private airstrip of Torrejon, a former US air force base. The Lodge at this estate has twelve double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms a large living room, a bar, and all facilities, to accommodate a line of up to 10 shooters and their non shooting companions. The drives of this estate, provides very challenging high birds to the shooter and, provides an exciting shooting experience. This Estate has been leased to the most reputable partridge breeder from Spain; his birds are reverted to their wild state, three months before the shooting season starts. Both shooting grounds; Ventosilla and the Estate, are able to then present outstanding quality birds and the terrain supports drives that are very sporting and scenic.

The accommodations the night before shooting at the Estate will be at the Estates lodge, while the accommodations the night before the first and the second shooting day, will be spent at the Castle.

On our regular shooting program, in conjunction with the Castle you will arrive to the Estate after sightseeing and touring in the Imperial city of Toledo, where Eduardo Araoz, will host you for lunch at a very typical Spanish restaurant, so you can enjoy the delicate red legged partridge meat. If your shooting program is only at the Estate, you will arrive here directly from Madrid.

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