Cazatur en Español Cazatur in English

Breakfast, lunch and dinners

Cazatur will make sure you will experience the Spanish traditions with style. Being at the Castel or at the Estate, on your arrival and after getting organized in your designated room, a welcome cocktail serving Spanish wines as well as all international drinks, will be served while enjoying typical Spanish “tapas” like Jamon Iberico, manchego cheese and many others…

Dinners at the Castle normally are coat and tie and at the Estate sports coat, always following the shooting party’s interests. The meals delicious Spanish cuisine served individually at the table and accompanied by a different variety of Spanish red and white wines, to give you a taste of the renown quality of the wines grown in the different regions of Spain, such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Rueda, etc… etc…

Continuing the Spanish shooting tradition every morning you will enjoy the famous “migas” (lightly fried bread crumbs) with fried eggs, Spanish chorizo and crispy bacon, orange juice, tea and coffee, and pastries are also available.

After breakfast, the drawing of the shooting position for the day is done following the “Tomeloff system”; were you draw a number for the day, which will make you move in or out of the numbered line in the drive two positions to the right every drive, in order for all shooters, to have access to the center of the drive as well as to the outside. This method also allows you, to change shooting neighbors’ throughout the day. After this, the shooting party is off to the surrounding shooting grounds.

Lunch is served at an outdoor location and is a grand event surrounded by the Spanish countryside. It offers the chance to visit about the mornings drives and enjoy a break before the evening drives. The food is delicious served by attendants offering snacks (tapas), full meal with appropriate beverages and ambiance.

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