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For several years, Eduardo Araoz, owner of CAZATUR-SPAIN, has been offering to its exclusive shooting clientele the privilege of using the Ventosilla Castle its shooting grounds, for the world famous driven red legged partridge shoots.

Recently, CAZATUR has become the exclusive agent for Ventosilla Castle for the American market. Cazatur has also received by this agreement, the representation of another shooting estate rather similar to the Castle, but with the possibility of offering a more economical package we refer to, as the Ventosilla Estate.

Ventosilla Castle was the first estate in Spain to organize driven shoots for red legged partridges back in 1864, by the Duke of Santona. His son the Count of Teba, nephew of HRH Queen Elisabeth II from England, continued the tradition which now has been inherited by his grandsons, who as in the past arrange this shoots with the same greatness and elegance.

The Castle, located twenty minutes from the ancient, original Roman Imperial city of Toledo and one hour drive from Madrid, your point of arrival, was built in the 16th century, as a hunting retreat for the wealthy and powerful Cardinals in Spain of Toledo. It has been enlarged and updated by the subsequent generations of the same family.  The Castle and its gardens have been designed by the famous landscape designer Forestier, providing a backdrop that guarantees an unforgettable shooting day.

Eduardo Araoz has known the Teba family since childhood, and as a result has been able to secure annually, several shooting days at this exclusive estate which is always fully booked a year in advance.

The Estate is located 45 minutes from Madrid airport away and 30 minutes from the private airstrip of Torrejon, a former US air force base. The Lodge at this estate has twelve double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms a large living room, a bar, and all facilities, to accommodate a line of up to 10 shooters and their non shooting companions. The drives of this estate, provides very challenging high birds to the shooter and, provides an exciting shooting experience. This Estate has been leased to the most reputable partridge breeder from Spain; his birds are reverted to their wild state released in the wild, three months before the shooting season starts. Both shooting grounds; Ventosilla and the Estate, are able to then present outstanding quality birds and the terrain supports drives that are very sporting and scenic.

The accommodations the night before shooting at the Estate will be at the Estates lodge, while the accommodations the night before the first and the second shooting day, will be spent at the Castle in its twelve double bedrooms with en suite bathroom.


This whole inclusive shooting program for a shooter and a non shooter will be arranged as follows;

Arrival point is Madrid international airport, where you will be met by Eduardo de Araoz himself or by a CAZATUR representative, to assist you in the clearing of your shotguns. Overnight in Madrid at own expense.





Day 0;
Upon arrival in Madrid, Eduardo Araoz (owner of CAZATUR) or his assistant will greet each shooter at the airport, assist with gun clearance and drive you to your accommodations in Madrid, at the Ritz Hotel.
Day 1;
The Cazatur Team will be at the main door of the hotel between 5:30 and 6:00 pm to load the vehicles for your transfer to the Ventosilla Estate “Malaguilla”, around one hour drive from Madrid. Upon arrival, rooms will be assigned, and a welcome cocktail will be served, to meet the rest of the professional team who will conduct the shoot. Dinner will be served around 9:00 pm.
Day 2;
Breakfast (08:30 am). After breakfast, drawing of the shooting position for the day. Shooters and non shooters are off to the shooting grounds.
The shooters will enjoy a full day of shooting for an estimated bag of 600 birds or more, with refreshments in the field between each drive. Lunch normally served in a very picturesque location, in the field.
At the end of the shoot, photo of the game parade in front of the Lodge.
19:00 Cocktails
20:30 Dinner
Day 3;
Breakfast 09:30.The vehicles will be ready to depart the lodge at 11:00 am, fully loaded, for the transfer to the Ventosilla Castle, enjoying lunch and a day of touring and shopping in Toledo, hosted by Eduardo Araoz.
Estimated arrival time to the Castle, 19:00
Rooms assignment
20:00 Cocktails
21:00 Dinner served at the Castle dining room
Days 4 & 5;
Breakfast 08:30, coffee and juice and the traditional “bread crumbs with eggs” will be served at the dining room at the Castle. After breakfast, drawing of the shooting position for the day. The shooters will enjoy a full day of shooting for an estimated bag of 600 birds or more per day, with refreshments in the field between each drive. Lunch normally served in the field, under a mess tent overlooking the Tajo River.
At the end of the shoot, enjoy refreshment at the “pergola” in the yard, while we prepare the photo of the game parade in front of the Castle.
19:00 Cocktails
21:00 Dinner
Day 5;
After the shoot, you will be driven back to your hotel in Madrid. Evening at leisure.
Day, 6th;
10:30 Transfer of those shooting live pigeons to Somontes shooting Club, lunch in the facilities, transfer back to the Hotel Ritz. Evening at leisure.
Day 7th;
A Cazatur representative will be with you to assist at the airport, if you are flying back to the US.
This exclusive program can take place in accordance with CAZATUR´s available shooting dates.

This exclusive shooting program includes:

–       A shooter and a non shooter for the 5 days program, as described above
–       Three shooting days for a bag of 600 birds per day for the line of shooters
–       All cartridges required for the three shooting days, in 12, 20, or 28 gauge
–       Transportation during the whole program
–       Sightseeing day
–       All meals and beverages

This exclusive shooting program does NOT include, unless otherwise specified:

–       Firearms import permits, shooting license and insurance; US $ 450.00
–       Tips to loaders and spotters; US $ 450
–       15,5% of VAT Tax for the shooter and 21% for the non shooter

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